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Travel Awareness Planning

Travel Awareness Planning should be a major part of your Risk and Contingency planning if anyone from your company travels for business. The number of things that can go wrong on a business trip can be mind numbing. Especially international business travel.

From lost and missing luggage to the confiscation of laptops and other electronic devices. This is just a very small example of things that can happen and derail any business trip or meeting for your company. To keep a trip like this from going south quickly, it is important to have a plan already established.

These plans are often not difficult to create. They do however require some what if thinking. Let me start by providing some examples. What if:

  • One of your employees returns from a trip aboard sick
  • A laptop is confiscated and it contains proprietary information and intellectual property
  • One of your employees is detained either when entering or leaving a country
  • One of your employees is injured while on this trip
  • The person goes missing or is late for a scheduled meeting

Of course the list can go on from here. Just think for a moment how you or your company would handle each of these situations. What is the best course of action? Who do you inform? Do you contact family?

If you do not have a current Travel Awareness Plan or Policy where you work and you would like more information about how wee can help you get started creating yours. Contact Us Today.



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