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Our Services

Continuity Co., LLC offers a variety of services in the areas of Risk Management, Business Continuity and Contingency Recovery Services.

We cater to our clients specific needs and adapt our services to meet your requirements.

Whether you need a review of an existing Business Continuity plan to look for gaps and points of failure to implementing and managing your entire Business Continuity Management plan. We have the expertise, resources and can serve your needs.

Continuity Co., LLC provides all aspects of planning and recovery services including, Alternate Sites, Recovery Services, Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis, Tabletop and functional exercises. Continuity Co., LLC has the experience and expertise you can count on for true Dynamic Enterprise Resilience to keep your business running.

We here at Continuity Co., LLC will assist you in your time of need to keep your business operations running during a disaster or disruption.

“Anytime, Anywhere, Under Any Condition”

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment Model and Service has been developed by experts. We also have the largest database on past disasters and impacts. Our Risk Assessment methodology is also easy to understand and replicate year after year.

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Business Impact Analysis

Our Business Impact Analysis is extremely thorough and covers everything from Critical Processes, Information Systems, RTO’s, RPO’s, Mitigation Controls, Assets, your Workforce and even Vendors and Clients.

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Workforce Continuity

Your business can’t operate without your workforce, no matter how good your information systems are. We have a workforce solution to keep your business operations going, even when your employees are on the go.

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Disaster Recovery

Your data is vital to the recovery of your business. Lose enough data you might lose your business. We offer high availability, cloud based, colocation, on premise and other solutions specific to your requirements.

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Review Existing Plans

We will review of your current business continuity, contingency, crisis and emergency  ensuring it complies with or exceeds current standards and best practices. In addition we will look for points of failure you may have overlooked or not considered. Our review process is one of our top services requested by new clients.

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Disaster Supply Management

CON – ARK™ The most comprehensive Disaster Supply Planning and Management System on the market today. Let us manage your disaster supply program and never worry again about bad inventory or not having what you need.

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Pandemic Planning

There is far more to Pandemic Planning than you think. Consider localized severe Epidemic Impacts to your business. Our solutions also can be utilized with other employee absenteeism events.


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Managed Business Continuity

Our Managed Business Continuity Program is extremely comprehensive and holistic. We can manage your entire program or your latest contingency planning project no matter how small or complex.

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Alternate Sites

Continuity Company offers our Alternate Sites and Recovery Services only to existing clients. We have more sites and locations than many other providers through our proprietary Alternate Site Program.

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Risk Management

We offer a full Risk Management service to supplement your current enterprise risk management team or can be your risk management team. Find out how you can benefit today.

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Cyber and Physical Security

Continuity Company offers Cyber Security Analysis Services. State of the art protection against advanced Cyber threats. We also offer physical security consultations and services.

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Preparedness Planning

Continuity Company offers Preparedness Planning Services and Workshops. Because if your employees aren’t prepared at home, they aren’t coming to work after a disaster.

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Our Capabilities - What Our Program Can Do For Your Company

Alignment to Risk Management
Alignment to Maturity Model
Consistency Across Enterprise
Project Management
Communications to Board
Increased Business Value
Training and Education
Reasonable and Appropriate Measures
Institutionalization of Program
Meet Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Global Logistics

Need logistics after a disaster? We have you covered. Fly in equipment or even personnel to a needed area.

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Recovery Options

We can provide you with Recovery Options that are Reasonable and Appropriate for your needs.

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Risk Management

Our Risk Management program makes it easy to identify, mitigate, and manage the risks across your enterprise.

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Power Backup Solutions

From Traditional Generators to Green Power Backup Solutions to power your business during an outage.

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Information Recovery

Disasters wipe out your recovery data? We can keep copies securely and provide them to you electronically or even send you hard copies. Better still we can have our own employees begin your recovery process for you.

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5-Star Support

Our support team is your support team. Need a assistance with your recovery systems? Need us to get started implementing your recovery process? We have the expertise to assist and support your recovery efforts.

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Global Reach

Our capabilities span the globe. Need to host your recovery data in a secure geopolitical safe environment? Need a location that is dispersed and safe from disasters regionally? We have the solutions you are looking for.

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Targeted Solutions

We implement solutions that are both reasonable and appropriate for your business recovery needs. We Create and align an institutionalized and repeatable program so it can be managed over the long term.

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Benefits of Business Continuity

  • Maintain Business Operations During an Emergency
  • Meet Government Mandates
  • Meet Regulatory and Standardization Requirements
  • Meet Needs of Clients and Business Partners
  • Reduce Business Liabilities
  • Increase Return on Assets
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums and Rates
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Safeguard Critical Business Assets
  • Safeguard Employees
  • Discover Hidden Business Value

Value of Business Continuity

  • Alignment with Risk Management
  • Alignment to Maturity Model
  • Alignment of IT with Business Strategy
  • Alignment with Vendors and Customers
  • Consistency Across Enterprise
  • Communications to Board
  • Increased Business Value
  • Training and Education
  • Reasonable and Appropriate Measures
  • Institutionalization of Program
  • Preparedness as a Culture

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Client testimonials

  • "This is great...There is nobody out there doing what you do."

    Peter Marcopulos of Gymboree

  • "Keith has provided me with excellent advice and resources in maintaining my home-based business. His expertise in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is second to none. I highly recommend his services."

    Diane Cominotti Owner/Virtual Assistant at Primo Assistance

  • "Keith...You are one of the most knowledgeable people I know in our sector – not only that – you are passionate and you are willing to share your passion."

    Jennifer Enault, CBCP -- VP / Project Manager, Bridge Bank

  • "...You have impressed me with your depth of knowledge, professionalism and ease with which we worked together..."

    Karen Fitting of Photos Kept Alive

  • "I am a great admirer of the changes you bring to business."

    Douglas Allen

  • "What Continuity Company does in an hour, it would take me all day to get done. Also, they are able to do it in a way that is not intrusive and allows me to get my work done. Sometimes I forget that they are even there."

    Annette from Pacific Realty Partners