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Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments and Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis and Risk Assessments are a part of any well defined and comprehensive Risk Management, Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery program. Completed properly the Risk Assessment allows any business, organization or working group to recognize, mitigate and manage risks effectively.

Risk Assessments along with a Business Impact Analysis provides the perfect foundation for the building of complete, comprehensive and Dynamic Enterprise Resilience™ contingency plans.

We have found that businesses without proper risk assessments in place do not effectively mitigate, control, and in some cases comprehend the true nature of their risks.

Continuity Company has developed a methodology for conducting risk assessments that conforms to or exceeds industry standards. What’s more our Risk Assessments are easy to replicate and understand at a glance so you can quickly gauge risks.

Continuity Company also uses a multi-assessment approach that uses both models and human intelligence to obtain the best results for our clients. Called Multi-Intelligent Risk Assessment™ or MIRA™ it is our proprietary method and we feel the best in the industry.

When Should You Conduct a Risk Assessment?

  • When you first setup your business.
  • When you first set up a Risk Management program.
  • When you first develop your continuity plan.
  • Before you conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
  • Before deciding on a building when relocating.
  • When any alterations are made to your building.
  • Whenever changes occur to your operations.
  • When launching a new product or service.
  • When you bring in new equipment or substances.
  • When changes occur to your personnel.
  • Reassess once a year or sooner when a new hazard becomes present

Proper Business Continuity Management and Planning starts with a well executed Risk Assessment of the business and the region(s) the business conducts their operations in. Continuity Company will have our skilled experts conduct a comprehensive Risk Assessment of your business.

The comprehensive Continuity Company Risk Assessment also includes a Regional Historic Risk Assessment (RHRA) of known natural disaster in the region of your headquarters and other locations where appropriate.

Continuity Company utilizes a proprietary methodology to conduct our comprehensive Risk Assessment which incorporates crisis leadership, historical data, and modeling, among other proprietary methods.

This proven process has enabled Continuity Company to become not just a thought leader, but we have accurately determined emerging risks our clients had exposure to and put in place plans to mitigate the exposures.

Continuity Company can conduct a Risk Assessment for your business or organization as part of our :Continuity Plan B:™ package or we can perform the Risk Assessment as a one-off service. 

Contact Us today and have one of our industry experts set up a Risk Assessment for your company today.