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When was the last time you REALLY looked at your DR plans?

Reviewed Your DR Plans Lately? When? If you’re like most organizations it’s been a year or more. Perhaps even never.

So… When was the last time you REALLY looked your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans? And Actually read through it looking for issues, gaps, one-offs, and points of failure! Has your business added new processes? Consolidated or removed old ones? Have you gotten rid of old technologies? Changed Voicemail or phone companies? Added or reduced employees?

Is it up to date?

What happens when you don’t review it often enough?

You see all too often we have organizations approach us after they are impacted by a disruption and here is what they tell us:

We have a plan in place, but were recently impacted by a disaster. Though we tried to follow the planning we have in place, it did not go as expected.

Unfortunately, this is something we hear several times per year. Having an outside expert review and assess your plan for gaps doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive, nor does it need to be overly intrusive. In fact, it can help you reduce costs in the long run.

Those businesses that wait until they are impacted by a disruption do so at their own peril. The worst time to find out that your plan is ineffective is during a disruption. After a disruption, assessing your plan is often an added extra cost, on top of the costs of the disruption itself, the cost of recovery, and additional losses in revenue from the disruption that continue down the road. Not to mention the cost of previous planning.

Often when we meet with businesses like these, it is usually about six months to a year or so later after the disruption. This is usually due to lack of available time caused by the previous disruption. It is also not unusual to have other disruptions follow from a major event which causes additional headaches.

To assist you in your planning efforts and to kick off 2017 right, we are offering a low-cost assessment for new clients.

To find out more and to apply visit: Get Your Plan Assessed By Experts

When You Get Your Plan Reviewed and assessed By Experts here is some of what you will get:

  1. A complete review of existing plan.
  2. Review of Pre-planning documents like Risk Assessments and BIA’s.
  3. Gain insights into why most plans fail.
  4. Discover Gaps in your planning and training.
  5. Recommendations for improvement.

Apply Today.



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