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PRO-TIP Give your Executives and PR Folks a REAL WORKOUT in Crisis Communications

PRO-TIP Give your Executive and PR Folks a REAL WORKOUT in Crisis Communications

PRO-TIP Give your Executives and PR Folks a REAL WORKOUT in Crisis Communications. Surprise Them with an Exercise or during another planned exercise with a bunch of journalists showing up and demanding a press conference.

How can you pull this off? With Journalism Students from your local College. Give the Students some information about the exercise and scenario and turn them loose. Even add in some Audio/Visual students and get the film and audio for future training purposes.

It’s one thing for business leaders to give a presentation. It’s quite another to handle oneself under the tremendous pressure of a looming or current crisis. And there is only one thing that can help you prepare to handle it appropriately. PRACTICE.

One thing I can tell you from personal experience is, you never know how someone will handle a crisis until it occurs. I’ve witnessed firsthand even exceptional leaders under normal circumstances crumble during a crisis. This doesn’t make them lesser people, weak, or incompetent. It just makes them human.

The good news is people are amazingly resilient and can be conditioned with practice to handle and respond to a crisis in predictable ways. Think it can’t be done?

Look at your local first responders, your military professionals, and yes, even some politicians. These people handle multiple crises to extremes daily that would make many uncomfortable.

Need more help coming up with scenarios? Here are a few that are good for this kind od exercise:

  • PR Crisis – An event occurred where an advertising campaign goes bad and damages the reputation.
  • Fire – A fire occurs and some employees were taken to the hospital.
  • Product Recall – The businesses latest flagship product has had major issues and had to be recalled.
  • Major Breach – The Business has been impacted by a significant breach of their systems potentially compromising client information.

These are all great topics for starting out. If you need more topics or help to facilitate such an exercise CONTACT US.


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