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Official Start to the 2013 Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane Isabel

The official start of the 2013 Hurricane Season started this past Saturday. NOAA is predicting this hurricane season will be extremely active. With temperatures in the North East already reaching the 90⁰ F the potential for another Sandy like event reaching the North East could increase. This is especially true if water temperatures remain elevated into the North East.

While the overall potential for this is normally low, current patterns are in place in which we may see significant Eastern weather events. We recommend monitoring NOAA over the season regularly for updates. As of this writing there is already a 20% chance of a Tropical Cyclone in the Gulf.

With the development of our new upgraded website – Continuity Co., LLC is providing Hurricane Season Guidance for both individuals and businesses. Be sure to check the page for what to do before, during, and after the hurricane.


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