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Managed Business Continuity Services

Managed Business Continuity

Managed Business Continuity Services from Continuity Co., LLC provides a business with a Complete Continuity Program, training, plan maintenance, exercising, and recovery services when disruptions occur.

You will also gain access to our professional and expert consultants during normal business hours with 24/7 access during disaster declarations and activation of recovery services.

For less than the cost of a full time employee you can have our experts create a complete continuity program for your business. You will no longer need to worry if you can recover or if your planning strategies will work. You will know, because our experts will tell you.

Your plan will be updated and maintained by Continuity Co., LLC and will be regularly tested. And your management teams will receive our exclusive reports.

All of our Managed Business Continuity Services comes with Recovery services so you will always have alternate worksites.

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About Managed Business Continuity

Managed Business Continuity services from Continuity Co., LLC provides your business with the essentials to continue business operations after disruptions from traditional disasters and is designed to mitigate 21st century emerging threats.

Our team of highly experienced professionals will start by assessing your risks, and holding a kick-off meeting with your executive management team. Next we will conduct a proprietary survey of identified key personnel and prepare them for an onsite interview. The interview process will gather any additional information about your critical business processes, IT infrastructure, key assets, key personnel, insurance, and recovery needs.

Once we gather all the information we need, a series of preliminary plans will be developed for review and testing.

Business Continuity Team
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With our Managed Business Continuity you will always:


B: Compliant

B: Prepared

B: Protected

B: Ready

B: Resilient

B: Prosperous

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Why Managed Services?

A good Business Continuity Program is constantly evaluated, updated, and maintained for the life of the program with the goal of continuous improvement. With our Managed Business Continuity Service your plan will always be up to date, and fully tested throughout the year.



Benefits of Managed Services

Many benefits can be had through our Managed Business Continuity Services. Such as the following:

  1. Reduced costs of creating, implementing and maintaining a business continuity program.
  2. Fixed pricing. Always know your costs.
  3. Increased business value.
  4. Includes alternate worksite Recovery Services.
  5. Consistency across the Enterprise.
  6. Reduce business liabilities.
  7. Potential to reduce insurance premiums and rates.
  8. Maintain business operations during a disaster.
  9. safeguard employees and business assets.
  10. Meet regulatory and standardization requirements.