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Does Your Lockdown And Shelter-in-Place Procedure Need Review?

During the recent UCLA shooting a lockdown and Shelter-in-Place  order was issued.

While an event such as an active shooter is taking place, there is no way to know for certain once a shelter-in-place order is given as to the events that are taking place on campus, in the workplace or building(s) until an all clear has been issued by law enforcement.

Even law enforcement can’t confirm the event is over until every room has been checked, and each victim and suspect has been cleared. In fact, each victim is considered a potential suspect until known otherwise.

What are some of the things we don’t know while the lockdown and Shelter-in-Place is active?

  • Are there multiple gunman?
  • Have any devices been placed or taken onto the site by the gunman?
  • Did the shooter surrender, are they in police custody, commit suicide or have they been taken down by law enforcement or another person?
  • Has the event actually ended?

Some of the things you should evaluate:

Doors should be capable of being locked from the inside. Access to buildings should be prevented during a lockdown, if not at all times through access control systems.

Employees, staff, and professors should be trained in how to effectively respond and react to these events to ensure life safety is not compromised, or that lives are placed in potential danger. As an example, as during the UCLA event – Professors should not be telling students to continue to find a location to take a test.

Some questions you should ask about your lockdown and Shelter-in-Place  program:

  • Are you and your staff following the Run, Hide, Fight guidance?
  • Have you worked with your local law enforcement personnel?
  • Do you know how to follow police orders and what to expect when they arrive?
  • Is your program going to save lives, and are your staff trained to not put people into harms way during the event?

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