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Key Employee

It is not uncommon for employees to leave jobs and move on. However, when a Key Employee leaves your company they often leave with critical information to complete tasks with them. I’ve seen this happen many times and in some cases the company can be severely impacted by missing deadlines. In one case I witnessed a business lose a major client due to a missed deadline because a critical task could not be accomplished after a key employee left the company.

Even though this happens often, it shouldn’t. Why? Because it is actually an easy problem to fix. While many solutions exist to this situation I’d like to point out a few low and no cost solutions.

First, and often easiest to implement is to begin cross training your personnel so that no one single person is responsible for completing a critical task. Second, when an employee give notice they are leaving a meeting with a manager should occur. Not just for the purposes of an exit interview. The manager should be asking questions about tasks that person is responsible for, and what information is needed to complete these tasks. Has anything changed that they need to know to complete these processes? Who knows how to do your job or complete these tasks? Is there time to train someone?

While this is not an exhaustive list, it should get you started.


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