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Risk Assessment Tool

Grab my Ultimate Risk Assessment tool free and manage your risks over the long term as well as assess your biggest threats.

Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessment Template

It’s been over a decade since I decided to create my own Risk Assessment tool. Pictured above the original was very basic and just a bit updated from what would be considered the standard risk assessment.

The first major change was using a numbered scale of 1 through 5 for measuring the Impact of a specific hazard. With 1, of course, being the lowest impact and 5 being the greatest. Yes, some other people and institutions do this as well. But I took it further still.

The next major change that was made was to add in various important areas of a business, of course, be impacted, Such as your People (workforce, stakeholders, clients), Properties (buildings, other assets), Processes, IT (network, data, etc.), Security (physical and virtual) and finally the impact on the business entity, to provide an overall impact rating to the business.

Over the years this expanded into a large list of hazards/risks/threats further broken down into categories. When then included industry-specific risks for a wide variety of clients, such as healthcare, finance, agriculture, etc. We also added in Risk Managment controls to manage, mitigate and reduce risks over the long term. We also separated risks and hazards into sub-categories to cover our Crisis-Leadership planing.

Risk Assessment Tool

Risk Assessment Tool

As you can see above, our basic Risk Assessment is fairly comprehensive. Now is your chance to grab my ultimate risk assessment tool it for use in your organization for free.

Completing at least a yearly risk assessment for your business or organization is important to managing your risks. This Risk Assessment tool makes that quick, easy, and can easily be extended to become a complete enterprise level risk management tool.

Here is the link: Ultimate Risk Assessment Tool

If you need more help Grab my ultimate Risk Assessment Tool and Contact Us and our experts will be happy to assist you.


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