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The Economics of Business Continuity

When we talk about the economics of business continuity, we don’t just mean the cost of developing your program. Ultimately there is a number of costs associated with implementing your contingency programs. However, when discussing the economics of business continuity we must include additional financial calculations in order to be accurate. These costs include:

  • Cost of downtime
  • The utility of your program (protecting against revenue loss)
  • ROI (yes it is calculable)
  • Cost benefits of implementing mitigations
  • And more…

All of these cost considerations and more make up the true economics of your business continuity program. To learn about how your contingency programs can benefit from knowing these calculations download our whitepapers today.

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Economics of Business Continuity

In our whitepaper: The True Cost of Downtime and the Business Case for Business Continuity you will learn:

  • 59% of Fortune 500 companies suffer from weekly downtime
  • 90% did not know the costs of their most recent disruption
  • While only 55% have calculated their costs of downtime
  • 18% of those did not know what that figure was
  • Why being able to calculate downtime and knowing the financial impacts is important to the economics of business continuity programs

In our whitepaper: The True Economic Value of Business Continuity Management you will learn:

  • Most companies do not realize the real value of their business continuity programs
  • fewer than 25% of companies calculate the ROI of their program
  • How to find the Utility of your BCM program
  • How to Calculate the Economic Monetary Value (EMV)
  • How to Calculate an ROI of your business continuity program using an EMV
  • How to protect incorporate revenue protection

One of the first steps in understanding the true economic value of business continuity management is to know how much downtime costs your company. Unfortunately, few companies can quickly and accurately calculate the true costs of downtime.

By downloading our whitepapers you will not only be given the tools and knowledge needed to accurately calculate downtime, you will also be able to calculate the utility of your BCM program, calculate ROI, conduct cost benefit analysis, and more accurately manage your insurance and other financial risks.