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Downtime Calculator

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Cost of Downtime Calculator

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Downtime Calculator App

The Downtime Calculator App is a fully functional downtime calculator designed to estimate the average cost to a business associated with downtime, disruptions or disasters.

It works by inputting the last year’s total revenue. You can also use it by inputting this year’s expected or estimated revenue as well. In addition, you can also calculate the anticipated revenue lost based on a percentage impact to sales.

In addition to lost sales it also calculates losses based on the number of employees impacted by including the average rate of salary and lost productivity. You can also include recovery costs, any fines, penalties, and other expenses as well.

More than just an estimator. You can also use the downtime calculator to track the actual costs of current downtime by adjusting the inputs to the corresponding actual costs. It is simple to use and you can quickly determine the anticipated cost impact to your organization downtime has and plan accordingly.

Our Downtime Calculator is the most comprehensive calculator of its kind. We are working to make additional improvements and upgrades. If you have a suggestion for improvement or feedback  Contact Us and let us know.

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Need Customization of the Downtime Calculator?

We can create a Downtime Calculator specifically designed to your company requirements so you can calculate exact monetary impacts of downtime. This level of customization will enable you to visualize the impact to your organization as a whole or even to select business units.

Once you know the impacts to your company from both an operational and monetary perspective you can make better choices for your recovery needs.

Benefits of Using the Downtime Calculator

Benefits of Using the Downtime Calculator

  • Determine the real costs of downtime globally or to specific business units
  • Determine if your RTO’s and RPO’s are cost effective to the business
  • Determine the true cost of your Maximum Allowable Downtime
  • Determine which applications, services, and processes impact your bottom line
  • Determine if current insurance coverage will cover the costs of downtime
  • Find hidden costs of downtime