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Do you know what kind of emergencies will impact your business?

Coronado Surge Assessment

Do you know what kind of emergencies will impact your business?

You need to be informed and it all starts with the Risk Assessment. Completing a risk assessment and staying informed of the hazards your business faces is a first step to completing your disaster planning. Your initial risk assessment need not be complex and you can start by simply asking are we at risk of ____________________ (fill in the blank)?

While many factors can impact how you are at risk of certain hazards geography (where you are located) should be your primary consideration at this point. For instance, on the South East Cost you are at increased risk of hurricanes, while in the North East you are at increased risk of blizzards, Nor’easters, and  ice storms. On the West Coast you have increased risks of earthquakes.

While these will not be your only risks, they should get you started. Think about anything that can disrupt your business. Transportation disruptions (strikes, closures, accidents) is one that can be overlooked. Is your business at risk of employees going on strike? What if the building you are located in has access blocked for some reason?

You should be able to simply gage the risks to your business. You can obtain our simple Risk Assessment Worksheet or if you need a more in depth or complex Risk Assessment completed you can contact us for a free initial consultation. The image above comes from a risk assessment we did for a client.


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