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Disaster Supply Management

Our complete disaster supply management program is unique and is designed for businesses and organizations that are looking to implement a solution that is truly comprehensive taking care of all their disaster supply needs. In addition we can take care of monitoring, maintaining, replenishing, and conforming the solution to your recovery time objective (RTO).

We call our disaster supply management system Con-Ark for Continuity Ark. Some call it Container Ark because our system is generally but not always housed in a container based ark system.

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Disaster Supply Management Consultation Deliverables:

Initial consultation and evaluation of the current state of your disaster supplies and your disaster supply program for your organization.

An introduction to our Advanced Disaster Supply Management System.

Evaluation and consultation utilizing out proprietary tools and formulas for calculating the type and number of supplies needed for your organization.

Delivery and customized building of your Con-Ark to make it easy for you to access the supplies you need when you need them.

Training and functional exercises to quickly setup a command post within the Con-Ark to run operations on scene.

Entering and tracking of your supplies in our database for future replenishment dates.

Timely replenishment so organizations can capitalize on cost effective replenishment which may include donating supplies to charitable organizations or other groups.

Con-Ark Disaster Supply Management for Business

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Our Con-Ark’s are available in sizes ranging from 10′ to 40′ long containers. In cases where having a container onsite is prohibitive we can assess your site for appropriate locations for supplies. We can even have supplies stored at other locations for you or set up a shared site with other mutually interested organizations.

To ensure your supplies last and that we maximize their shelf-life we can outfit your system with an insulated container. We can also include ventilation or even incorporate HVAC systems to maintain full control over the interior climate. This ensures the longest shelf-life available for your supplies and that they will be in suitable conditions for use during a disaster.

We can even outfit your Con-Ark with power hookups, generators, battery backups, and in some cases make use of solar and wind power when suitable.

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Benefits of A Managed Disaster Supply Management Solution

One of the biggest obstacles we uncovered was that people chosen to manage disaster supplies for their companies internally struggled with was uncertainty of knowing which supplies were really needed and how much they should have on hand for a disaster. Add to that an inability to track supplies, removal of expired and unusable items and falling far outside their expertise.

Continuity Co., LLC has not only removed these obstacles, we have made the disaster supply management process simple. Some of the benefits of our program:

  • Simplified supply picking through tools and consultation by experts
  • Supply tracking done for you by Continuity Co., LLC
  • Expiration and Replenishment alerts to provide for timely supply updating
  • Ability to track supplies in our advanced setup during disasters via RFID
  • Ability to monitor remotely with alerts
  • Preparedness workshops for employees and family members
  •  And more

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