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Cost of Downtime Infographic

We recently created the above Cost of Downtime infographic to highlight some recent findings around the cost of downtime. According to the findings there are some interesting call outs such as the 41% increase in the cost per minute ($7,900 in 2013, and $5,600 in 2010) associated with downtime in the period from 2010 to 2013.

Another interesting finding is the amount of time in which data loss becomes critical to the survival of a business.

Another interesting finding is the point at which data loss threatens the survival of a business. Most businesses (40%) according to the survey are impacted at 72 hours. A further 21% become impacted at 48 hours and 15% at 24 hours. Only 3% of respondents were impacted by data loss of 1 hour, while 8% were impacted by data loss of 8 hours, and 9% at 4 hours.

Normally we see power outages and human error as the leading causes of business disruptions, however in the beginning of 2015 we see supply chain disruptions as a leading cause of disruption.



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