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Continuity Plan B

:Continuity Plan B:

:Continuity PLAN B:™

Continuity Company’s :Continuity PLAN B:™ is designed for businesses and organizations that are looking to implement a holistic and truly comprehensive contingency and crisis leadership plan, or looking to enhance any current planning they already have in place for true enterprise resilience.

:Continuity PLAN B:™ is our complete and fully Managed Business Continuity Service. You will never again have to worry about if your plan is up to date or current again. We do it for you for less than it would cost to hire a full time employee to manage your plan, and we do it in less time.

About :Continuity PLAN B:™

:Continuity Plan B:™ provides your business with the essentials to continue business operations after disruptions from traditional disasters and is designed to mitigate 21st century emerging threats.

Our team of highly experienced professionals will start by assessing your risks, and holding a kick-off meeting with your executive management team. Next we will conduct a proprietary survey of identified key personnel and prepare them for an onsite interview. The interview process will gather any additional information about your critical business processes, IT infrastructure, key assets, key personnel, insurance, and recovery needs.

Once we gather all the information we need, a series of preliminary plans will be developed for review and testing.

Make Continuity Co., LLC Part of Your Team

With :Continuity PLAN B:™ you will always:

B: Compliant

B: Prepared

B: Protected

B: Ready

B: Resilient

B: Prosperous

:Continuity PLAN B:™

  • Regional Historic Risk Assessment (RHRA): A historic report of known natural disasters in your region.
  • Data Protection Recovery Plan (DPRP): Plan to protect and recover critical data from loss and disruptions.
  • Asset Protection Recovery Plan (APRP): Plan to protect and recover critical assets from loss.
  • Business Information and Intellectual Property Recovery Plan (BIIPRP): Plan to protect and recover intellectual property from loss.
  • Business Management Action Plan (BMAP): A quick action plan designed for management and incident response teams to follow after a disruption to the business.
  • Business Continuity Governance Plan (BCGP): Plan establishing policies for maintaining, reviewing, and testing of the plan.
  • Business Insurance Review (BIR): Review of current business insurance
  • Business Insurance Guidance (BIG): Business insurance guidance for maintaining the right amount of coverage.

:Continuity PLAN B:™

  • Vendor Recovery Evaluation (VRE): We will assist you in evaluating how resilient your key vendors are.
  • Vendor Recovery Guidance (VRG): We will assist your key vendors to implement contingencies to your requirements and needs.
  • Business Communications Recovery Plan (BCRP): Evaluate, recommend and assist your business in developing a reliable disaster communications plan.
  • Business Epidemic, Pandemic, and Absenteeism Guidance (BEPAG): Business guidance and plans for continuing operations during outbreaks.
  • Business Travel and Awareness Guidance (BTAG): Plans for the business and employees who travel outside the U.S. and its territories.
  • Executive Management Preparedness Planning (EMPP): Preparedness planning for executives and their families at home.
  • Key Employee Preparedness Planning (KEPP): Preparedness planning for key employees and their families at home.
  • Employee Preparedness Planning (EPP): Preparedness planning for all employees for the home and office.