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Downtime Calculator App on iPod Touch

Knowing the financial impacts of downtime and business disruptions can be invaluable to your organization in many ways.  While there are numerous methods for calculating downtime, many are lacking and miss important potential costs.

Downtime can occur in a large number of ways. It can be caused by the outage of a single application, the outage of your network, loss of services, workforce disruptions, and even regional and local disasters.

To improve the way businesses calculate the cost of downtime we released our first Application. Called the Cost of Downtime Calculator it easily and quickly can calculate the impact from downtime. Whether planned or unplanned you can use the Cost of Downtime Calculator to measure the real financial impact to your organization and make the appropriate adjustments.

Use the Downtime Calculator to evaluate the Maximum Allowable Downtime your company can handle. Use it as a bench mark to evaluate your Recovery Time Objectives. You can also evaluate where the largest economic impacts from downtime in your organization occurs.

The Cost of Downtime Calculator works using current estimated revenues or you can use last year’s revenue.  Figure out what the financial impact from lost productivity is on your business and the cost to have your employees catch-up on work missed. Learn more about the Cost of Downtime Calculator.

We know that you will love using the Cost of Downtime Calculator and its ease of use. But don’t just take our word for it. Darion Wisely of SunGard Availability Services said “I found it very easy to use and you have covered everything.”

Benefits of Using the Downtime Calculator

  • Determine the real costs of downtime globally or to specific business units
  • Determine if your RTO’s and RPO’s are cost effective to the business
  • Determine the true cost of your Maximum Allowable Downtime
  • Determine which applications, services, and processes impact your bottom line
  • Determine if current insurance coverage will cover the costs of downtime
  • Find hidden costs of downtime, and more

Currently the Cost of Downtime Calculator is available in iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. Android versions of the App are coming soon.

Need More Detail? We can also tailor an application specific to your company that allows for even greater detail and insight. For more information on this please contact us.


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