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  • Ready For Dynamic Enterprise Resilience™

    Continuity Co., LLC introduces Dynamic Enterprise Resilience™ for businesses. Dynamic Enterprise Resilience™ is designed from the bottom up to align with risk management and your overall business strategy. It is a fully institutionalized solution that also creates consistency across the enterprise. Thus Dynamic Enterprise Resilience™ brings increased insight and value to the business through the implementation of the program. Continuity Company makes

  • Limitations of Social Media During Disasters and What to Do About It.

    As Businesses, organizations and municipalities increasingly turn to Social Media during disasters to get their messages out, they are confronted with limitations. These limitations are being overlooked in many cases. Some of these limitations can cause issues themselves cause issues. While others are created from not following crisis communications best practices. The problem is exacerbated by the public’s expectation in some

  • Key Employees That Leave Your Business Take More Than Just Talent

    It is not uncommon for employees to leave jobs and move on. However, when a Key Employee leaves your company they often leave with critical information to complete tasks with them. I’ve seen this happen many times and in some cases the company can be severely impacted by missing deadlines. In one case I witnessed a business lose a major

  • Travel Awareness Planning and Travel Policies

    Travel Awareness Planning should be a major part of your Risk and Contingency planning if anyone from your company travels for business. The number of things that can go wrong on a business trip can be mind numbing. Especially international business travel. From lost and missing luggage to the confiscation of laptops and other electronic devices. This is just a

  • Official Start to the 2013 Hurricane Season is Here

    The official start of the 2013 Hurricane Season started this past Saturday. NOAA is predicting this hurricane season will be extremely active. With temperatures in the North East already reaching the 90⁰ F the potential for another Sandy like event reaching the North East could increase. This is especially true if water temperatures remain elevated into the North East. While the