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  • The Cloud Is Not Enough

    Why placing applications into the cloud alone is not enough to provide you with the high availability and disaster recovery you desire. Business spending on the cloud is increasing and will continue to grow to become the “Bulk of new IT spending by 2016”, according to Gartner. Many companies moving to the cloud are doing so with a belief

  • Ebola Update

    Ebola Update With the first confirmed case occurring in the United States, we feel it is a good time to post an Ebola Update. Our last post Ebola Virus Information and Facts is still an excellent resource.  It contains the information you need to know about why it has spread so far and wide, as well as symptoms and the

  • Earthquake Safety. What to do Before, During, and After an Earthquake

    I’m frequently asked what you should do during an earthquake, and after yesterdays (April 4, 2010) 7.2 Earthquake in Baja California, Mexico my in box was flooded with requests on what is best, and requests for posts on earthquake safety goes up. Though I have posted Earthquake Tips before it is buried in a hard to find place, so to

  • Why We Support the NFPA 1600 National Preparedness Standard

    When it comes to Business Preparedness and Business Continuity, especially in the United States, I fully support the NFPA 1600 National Preparedness Standard. The reasons for this are numerous, but let me list a few. 1.       It is the oldest, most updated, and thoroughly thought out planning standard you can find. The first planning committee was formed in 1991 by

  • Ebola Virus Facts and Information

    The current 2014 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak is the worst in history, and largest outbreak to have ever occurred. With 909* (*Laboratory confirmed cases) and 1323 clinical cases with 729 deaths recorded as of July 27, 2014. Here are the Facts you need to know now.