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  • Why We Support the NFPA 1600 National Preparedness Standard

    When it comes to Business Preparedness and Business Continuity, especially in the United States, I fully support the NFPA 1600 National Preparedness Standard. The reasons for this are numerous, but let me list a few. 1.       It is the oldest, most updated, and thoroughly thought out planning standard you can find. The first planning committee was formed in 1991 by

  • Ebola Virus Facts and Information

    The current 2014 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak is the worst in history, and largest outbreak to have ever occurred. With 909* (*Laboratory confirmed cases) and 1323 clinical cases with 729 deaths recorded as of July 27, 2014. Here are the Facts you need to know now.

  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act, EEOC Issues a Restatement and Clarification

    For the first time in 38 years the EEOC has put out a statement on working rules around pregnancy. As part of the statement, the reason given for the re-issue and clarification of the policy is that companies are overwhelmingly losing their cases when it comes to pregnancy in the workplace. The EEOC went on to state that this, along

  • Risk Assessment or Business Impact Analysis, Which Comes First?

    This is a topic of great debate, and is the chicken or the egg question for contingency planners everywhere. Recently, I was asked to share an infographic that placed the Business Impact Analysis before the Risk Assessment.  While there is nothing wrong with the graphic, and you can see it, Disaster Recovery infographic by Singlehop I am in some disagreement

  • So, What is Business Continuity Anyway?

    Thanks, I am glad you asked. If you are like me, you may already know what business continuity is and its purpose in your organization. However, most of the people I run into on a regular basis, still do not know what business continuity in fact is. In addition, there are many misconceptions about business continuity that I run into