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  • Is Your Business Running Too Lean to Be Resilient to A Disaster?

    If you are running a lean business you might want to evaluate – is your business running too lean to be resilent to a disasster? Running a lean business has become a popular worldwide phenomenon across multiple industries, from startups to fortune 500 organizations, from manufacturers to their suppliers. While the elimination of waste has been around a long time.

  • How to Best Protect Your Business from Ransomware

    Ransomware. By now you have at least heard of it, but what is it, and how do you protect your business from Ransomware? What is Ransomware? Ransomware as defined by US-CERT is a type of malware that infects computer systems, restricting users’ access to the infected systems. Ransomware variants have been observed for several years and often attempt to extort

  • Does Your Lockdown And Shelter-in-Place Procedure Need Review?

    During the recent UCLA shooting a lockdown and Shelter-in-Place  order was issued. While an event such as an active shooter is taking place, there is no way to know for certain once a shelter-in-place order is given as to the events that are taking place on campus, in the workplace or building(s) until an all clear has been issued by

  • Are You Basing Your Preparedness On A Myth?

    Are you basing your preparedness on a myth? If you are basing it off one of the following you might be: You need 3 days worth of supplies to survive You need 3 days food and water The supermarket holds only 3 days worth of food (for a community/or person) These are what I call The 3 Day Preparedness Myth. If you’ve been sucked into

  • Do you know what kind of emergencies will impact your business?

    Do you know what kind of emergencies will impact your business? You need to be informed and it all starts with the Risk Assessment. Completing a risk assessment and staying informed of the hazards your business faces is a first step to completing your disaster planning. Your initial risk assessment need not be complex and you can start by simply