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  • Five Key Business Continuity Questions to Ask Your Vendors

    The Five Key Business Continuity Questions to Ask Your Vendors Before we tell you the Five Key Business Continuity Questions to Ask Your Vendors. We want to know. Are You asking your vendors the right questions about their continuity plans? Are you even asking them any at all? If you are, and they are anything like the questions I see

  • Grab My Ultimate Risk Assessment Tool FREE

    Grab my Ultimate Risk Assessment tool free and manage your risks over the long term as well as assess your biggest threats. It’s been over a decade since I decided to create my own Risk Assessment tool. Pictured above the original was very basic and just a bit updated from what would be considered the standard risk assessment. The first

  • Reviewed Your DR Plans Lately?

    Reviewed Your DR Plans Lately? When? If you’re like most organizations it’s been a year or more. Perhaps even never. So… When was the last time you REALLY looked your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans? And Actually read through it looking for issues, gaps, one-offs, and points of failure! Has your business added new processes? Consolidated or removed old ones?

  • Have You Ever Struggled with Recovery Time Objectives?

    Have ever struggled with Recovery Time Objectives? Is you have, you are not alone. Let’s face it, the struggle of setting reliable Recovery Time Objectives is real and we see it everywhere. The typical methodology for achieving RTO’s is not objective at all and often relies heavily on business managers that want their own processes to be seen as important. How can

  • Is Your Business Running Too Lean to Be Resilient to A Disaster?

    If you are running a lean business you might want to evaluate – is your business running too lean to be resilent to a disasster? Running a lean business has become a popular worldwide phenomenon across multiple industries, from startups to fortune 500 organizations, from manufacturers to their suppliers. While the elimination of waste has been around a long time.