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  • Marijuana May be a Budding Industry But Entrepreneurs Face Strong Headwinds

    Currently, twenty-six states plus the District of Columbia have legalized Marijuana use in some form and three more states are in the process of passing measures. However, it is still illegal under federal law. While Marijuana may be a budding industry but entrepreneurs face strong headwinds. Even where it is legal such as in California, people who have created businesses

  • PRO-TIP Give your Executives and PR Folks a REAL WORKOUT in Crisis Communications

    PRO-TIP Give your Executives and PR Folks a REAL WORKOUT in Crisis Communications. Surprise Them with an Exercise or during another planned exercise with a bunch of journalists showing up and demanding a press conference. How can you pull this off? With Journalism Students from your local College. Give the Students some information about the exercise and scenario and turn

  • Should You Consider Blocking Internet Traffic from Entire Countries?

    With the spotlight on Cybersecurity right now with the outbreak of the WannaCry (also called WannaCrypt) ransomware, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss blocking internet traffic from entire countries. While it will not protect you against everything, it does prevent some issues, especially attacks launched from specific regions and originating countries. Surprisingly few businesses block traffic from other

  • Should You Add Cyber insurance to Boost Your Cybersecurity Protection?

    With the reality of cyber-attacks and the spread of ransomware now happening at unprecedented levels should you add Cyber insurance to boost your cybersecurity protection? It’s something you should at least consider. Transferring some of the risks of from a cyber-attack could be a smart move, and could reduce your monetary exposure if you are impacted. Most insurance companies offering

  • 8 Tips for Protecting Against Cyber Threats

    Below I plan on sharing the 8 tips for protecting against cyber threats and I will include a link to a video providing more tips specifically about ransomware. But first some facts from the latest attack. If you haven’t taken the threat of cyber-attacks seriously yesterday (May 12, 2017) may have changed that. If you’re still not aware of what