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Our mission

Continuity Company is committed to a relentless pursuit of business preparedness. We provide clients with unmatched contingency planning and recovery services that enables them to perform and operate effectively after and ideally during a business disruption, crisis, emergency, or disaster.

Our business motto is: “Anytime, Anywhere, Under Any Condition”™

Continuity Company doesn’t just consult with businesses and organizations. We empower our clients by providing recovery services designed for their specific needs, by providing educational programs to our client’s employees, and we offer workshops on taking proper preparedness steps for your business.

Our tagline is:  “Preparing You Today, for the Unexpected Tomorrow”™

Continuity Company forms a true partnership with our clients to enable their recovery and empower their recovery teams.


Services & Capabilities

Risk Assessment:

Our Risk Assessment Models have been developed by experts and we also have the largest database on past disasters and impacts. Our Risk Assessment methodology is also easy to understand and replicate year after year.

Business Impact Analysis:

Our Business Impact Analysis is extremely thorough and covers everything from Critical Processes, Information Systems, RTO’s, RPO’s, Mitigation Controls, Workforce and even Vendors and Clients.

Workforce Continuity:

Your business can’t operate without your workforce, no matter how good your information systems are. We have a workforce solution to keep your business operations going, even when your employees are on the go. No matter what size business you operate.

Disaster Recovery:

Your data is vital to the recovery of your business. Lose enough data you might lose your business. Continuity Company offers a wide variety of solutions tailored to your needs, not solutions you must conform to. We offer high availability, cloud based, colocation, on premise and other solutions specific to your requirements.

Disaster Supply Management:

CON – ARK™ the most comprehensive Disaster Supply Planning and Management System on the market today. Let us manage your disaster supply program and never worry again about bad inventory or not having what you need.

Testing, Exercises & Scenarios:

No plan is complete without good solid testing. Let us develop Tabletop’s and Functional Exercises for you that will properly test your plan, look for and find gaps, and take your planning to the next level.


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